Monday, 25 January 2010

Fern - Boxer dog pastel portrait
Just finished and delivered as a suprise birthday present. Boxer's are always a treat to draw, they have such beautiful faces.


The Pastel Artist said...

Richard is absolutely blown away with the portrait. It's uncanny just how you have caught her so well...we have had loads of visitors tonight (checking their investment perhaps? Haha) , all wanting to inspect the picture and they were all very impressed with how you have 'captured' Fern so well. Thank you so much, we are ALL delighted..and that includes our two sons (20 & 17) who grew up with Fern. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a portrait of their pet. You are very talented and have a brilliant eye for the details, so that the essence of the pet is really captured. Thank you.


The Pastel Artist said...

Thanks for that, Carole. Glad it was well recieved. See you