Thursday, 18 February 2010

David, the Head Gardener at The Oats Museum, with Toby, the black labrador portrait.

Just recieved this from Linda who commissioned a portrait recently.
Hi Nina, Thought you might like to see the attached photos of David and the portrait of his dog Toby you drew. It is Mulled Wine Day held every year in December at Gilbert White's House and The Oates Museum in Selborne, Hampshire. Gilbert White, the famous naturalist born 1720-1793, wrote The Natural History of Selborne and lived in this house most of his life. We hold various events throughout the year including the Unusual Plant Fair in June and Gilbert White Day in July. On Mulled Wine Day we decorate the house with period Christmas decorations, dress in 18th Century costume and wassail the apple trees among other activities. On the last Mulled Wine Day we also celebrated the fact that David, the Head Gardener, has been working there for 30 years and the Toby portrait was one of his surprise gifts.

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roryroryrory said...

That looks like a great fun day!